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Coastal Connect provides Mauritius with a variety of high-end quality products that are manufactured in Southern Africa. The company is headed up by a family team that is passionate about Mauritius, and they have an eye for detail and quality, enabling Coastal Connect to bring in a range of products that are unique to Mauritius. 

Who We Are

Coastal Connect creates a dynamic way to bring high quality products directly from the factory to the end user, the team at Coastal Connect are involved in the design and manufacturing process to bring the highest quality and latest design trends to you ahead of the market, enabling the end users to obtain the latest products that are trending.

Our focus on only high-end quality products with the key eye for long term quality, is why we at Coastal Connect, connect with manufacturers in South Africa whom we know personally and have a long-term relationship with. We know these products are sold to the top designer suppliers within Southern Africa and abroad and we adapt these specifically for the Mauritius market look and feel.

Megan Bates and Mark Bates have a passion and eye for quality this enables us to bring to you a range of products that are unique to Mauritius.

Coastal Connect – Inspired by quality living.

Megan Bates

Megan is extremely passionate about life and all that it has to offer. She strongly believes in leading a wholesome life and loves interacting with people. Her keen eye for detail and quality allows her to play a major role in the creative side of the company as well as overseeing and running most of the departments. Her desire to strive for excellence in all that she does guarantees a trustworthy brand and immaculate service.

Mark Bates

mark and his family first invested into Mauritius back in 2016 and his love and passion for Mauritius has enabled him to start various businesses within Mauritius and offer products and services that are leading industry in their market segments.


Our vision is to build an exclusive brand that provides only the highest quality products, through the focus of quality over quantity. We aim to constantly be ahead and mark the upcoming trends, while building a trustworthy brand and providing immaculate service.


Our mission is to build a brand that is trustworthy and efficient. Coastal Connect aims to provide the highest quality products, as with our vision of being involved on both ends of the chain, being the design, manufacturing and sales sides, it gives us an advantage of marking the upcoming trends as well as the control of ensuring that we only supply the highest quality products from South Africa.

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